RVRO Temp Housing


Whether you need long term temporary housing on a construction project, were displaced by a disaster, or are waiting for your new home to be built, RVRO Temp Housing has the perfect setup for you. Live on site while the project is completed.

Construction Professionals

RVRO keeps construction crews close

Wether it's around the corner or in the most remote reaches of the state, RVRO temp housing can keep your construction crew or subs right on the job site.

RVRO limits your liability

When construction crews are on the clock, it's your responsibility to keep them safe. But what happens when they leave the job site? Who's liable if they get in an accident? If you are using offsite hotels and your workers are involved in an accident, that liability is on you. RVRO temp housing keeps workers on site which limits your liability. Additionally, if there's a job site emergency, your crew is just feet away from the project, not an hour drive from the nearest hotel. 

RVRO is better than a hotel

Extended stays are typical in big construction projects. Hotels can become pricy and the lack of personal or creature comforts can wear on the morale of the workers on your job site. RVRO temp housing solves both issues with one call. The comforts of home, the affordability of low cost temporary housing.

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